Wholesale Program

Are you looking to bring the vibrant flavors of tropical fruits to your store shelves? Partner with us to enjoy competitive pricing, bulk discounts, and dedicated customer support, while delighting your customers with nutritious and delicious snack options. Discover the benefits of stocking Nokki Farm's natural, nutrient-rich products and join us in spreading the joy of healthy snacking!

  • If you're an existing or new Faire customer, all of our products are listed on the Faire platform at wholesale prices and ready for you to purchase directly through them. 

    • 50% off the first order & 1 year of free shipping for new Faire customers
    • 60 day payment terms for eligible retailers


  • Alternatively, you can purchase wholesale items directly from Nokki Farm. To get started, click the "Complete Application" link below.

    • Working with and ordering directly from Nokki Farm
    • Negotiable terms and prices